CLAZ Series

Panel Characteristic

700mm ~ 1200mm
1500mm ~ 6000mm
Fast-Set Top & Bottom Retractable seal
STC 42 ~ 49 dB
Single / Double Leaf Pass Door

Track Options:
Type #D450, #S300

** IWC ASIA Reserved the rights to change and improvise the product without any prior notice.



  • Panels nominal thickness are 85mm thick.
  • Face boards with options of 12mm thick particle board / Gypsum board / MDF board with sound insulation material infill and option of different surface substance to meet different STC requirement.
  • Panel all sided protective frames are made of standard clear natural anodized 6063-T5 architectural grade aluminium alloy.


  • Unique vertical tongue and groove profile ensure panel-to-panel alignment and prevent sound leaks between panel joints.
  • Fast-Set Horizontal top & bottom retractable seals with 25mm nominal operating clearance between top track and bottom floor. The retractable seal provide ideal compression force to top track and bottom floor when the panel is locked in position to prevent sound travelling through the joints.


  • The Aluminium Track systems are made of clear natural anodized 6063-T6 architectural grade aluminium alloy.
  • Different options of track intersections available to suit specific design requirement.
  • Options of single or dual carrier’s suspension to suit different stacking layout design and requirement.
  • Each single suspension carrier had four vertical metal bearing wheels roll on the track. Each wheel had precision-ground 6002-2RS bearings, encased with POM, steel banded and reinforced. The double suspension carrier has two horizontal high grade polymer disks maneuvered on straight or multi direction divert track layout.


  • Panel come in standard unfinished for on field decoration or options of factory applied finishes i.e. upholstery fabric, high pressure laminate (HPL), wall paper, PVC laminate, glass, white board and cork board etc.